For thousands of years flowers have been a symbol of love, affection, passion, decoration & culture representation like in Asian tradition Lotus represents divine beauty and purity. For some people Flowers are a thing of passion for some it is a hobby we work to fulfill your needs according to your requirements. Express love to your loved ones with a little help from Silk Flower Boutique.

Who We Are?

With locations in Dubai, Silk Flower Boutique is the best out there specializing in decorating interior and exterior with flowers. You can find a variety of themes and creative ideas to surround yourself with one of the best gifts Mother Nature has to offer today and spreading love to every corner of Dubai. We ensure the success of your celebration.

The Stunning beauty and fragrance of Flowers offers a relaxing and joyful environment for humans. With that in mind we have the most skilled team which is capable of decorating and creating a fresh and comfortable environment quickly with ease led by our creative administrator Nabil Ahmed. Inspired by current trends Silk Flower Boutique make the suitable and balanced environment for you adjusting within the given space.

As professional event decorators, Silk Flower Boutique always make sure that you get the best quality flowers in Dubai or anywhere else. With the Professional Decoration team we also have florist specialists who ensure the sourcing of flowers from the best farms in the right season for the freshness of flowers to be at its peak.

Silk Flower Boutique have experience in decorating Hotels, Restaurants, Fashion Shows, Outlets, Wedding, Home Decoration, Office Decoration, Music events, new opening ceremony, Bar & Funerals and we also have home delivery services throughout Dubai.

Usually Dubai web design offered by the companies like SEO Agency in Dubai helps websites to reach client’s specific needs, if they are looking for these services especially when it comes to Flower Decoration thanks to our hard work and motivation we are in the foremost rank.

Saad Ashraf